Pasture Finished Brisket

If you love barbecue, you need to try brisket. Best when smoked with wood chips or cooked low and slow, brisket has a bold, rich beef flavor. The key is to slow cook brisket and not dry out the meat. It might even get slightly burned on the outside, but beneath that outer layer is some of the most juicy, tender and delicious beef you will ever eat.

Brisket is a large cut from the chest, just below the chuck primal cut. While tougher than other cuts, it’s tender when cooked properly and best when prepared with your favorite dry rub or marinade (the longer it's soaked in marinade, the more complex the taste). While brisket is best known for being smoked, it’s also great braised with vegetables.

Brisket is the perfect addition to a cookout or picnic. And you’ll taste the difference with grassfed beef from Acabonac Farms, which contains no growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics. We also never use chemicals of any kind on our Long Island farm.

When you order from us, your brisket is flash frozen and delivered directly to your door.

Each Pack of Brisket is Approximately 32oz

Pack Size: 1 Pack ($31.67 per Pack)

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100% Grassfed Beef. Trusted, Convenient, Nutritious and Delicious

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