Pasture Finished Flank Steak

Lean with a strong beefy flavor, the flank steak works perfectly for making spicy dishes because the cut takes a marinade well, absorbing all the flavors. It’s best when grilled or cooked in a skillet to a medium-well temperature. When serving, cut against the grain for more tenderness.

Flank steaks feature in many fajita and taco recipes. For example, you can cut flank steak into strips, put them in a marinade of lime juice and fajita seasonings overnight, then throw them on the grill the next day and pair them with your favorite fajita or taco fillings. Flank steak also works well when cooked with peppers and vegetables in stir try, or cut into small pieces and cooked with onions, peppers and whatever else you like on a kabob.

When you order flank steak from Acabonac Farms, you get a pure cut of 100% grassfed and pasture finished beef. Our cattle roam fields near the ocean on Long Island. They are never kept in pens or fed grain, antibiotics, steroids or hormones. All orders are shipped directly from our farm to your door.

Each Pack of Flank Steak is Approximately 16oz
Pack Size: 1 Pack ($30.00 per Pack)

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