Welcome to Acabonac Pet by Acabonac Farms

We are a small, local farm in Long Island, NY. We produce grass fed, grass finished nutrient dense beef for the entire family, including your dog. We are committed to using regenerative ranching practices as they improve soil health and make the land better.

Why do we want to make food for dogs?

The short answer is that we want to feed our dog, like the rest of our family, from our farm.

We see the benefits of how and what we eat, and we want to offer the same great approach for our dog. We would never feed our children dry, over-processed, packaged food made in a factory. Why should our dog eat a standard kibble diet?

We can see the Acabonac difference in our dog! He is healthy, well fed and satisfied with our complete raw approach.

What do we know about making dog food?

Well, as farmers, we know that we have the best of best meats from our Acabonac Farms. We also know that we want to make dog food the Acabonac way; fresh, raw, meals with human grade meats, fruits and vegetables for healthy, happy dogs.

With the help of a top pet nutrition expert, we make fresh raw meals with human grade meats, whole fruits & vegetables and a blend of beneficial supplements that ensures a complete and balanced meal for our dog.

And we want to make it easy and convenient! We take the guesswork out of feeding raw in a convenient pre-portioned food for your pet, delivered right to your door.