Pasture Finished Skirt Steak

Once under-appreciated, skirt steak has grown in reputation over the years. That’s partly because cooking from Mexico became popular in the United States, and many discovered skirt steak makes for great fajitas or steak tacos.

Skirt steak also is a hearty addition to breakfast dishes such as steak and eggs, steak and hash browns or steak and produce (such as avocados, tomatoes and mushrooms). It’s a great meat to experiment with in the kitchen - we’ve seen it used in steak and rice, steak sandwiches and a Tex-Mex torta.

Because it is lean and typically sliced thin, skirt steak benefits from getting marinated before cooking. Also, slice against the grain when serving.

With skirt steak from Acabonac Farms, you’ll get a pure and clean cut of steak that has zero hormones or antibiotics. We raise our cattle 100% grassfed and pasture finished on fields near the ocean on Long Island, making our beef the most nutritious and delicious you can buy.

 Each Skirt Steak Pack is Approximately 16oz

Pack Size: 3 Pack ($27.90 per Pack)

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100% Grassfed Beef. Trusted, Convenient, Nutritious and Delicious

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