Pasture Finished Marrow Bones

Marrow bones are a favorite of cooks who love how versatile these bones are in a variety of dishes. That includes sauces, soups, broths and stock. Like all our products, marrow bones come from cattle right here at Acabonac Farms on Long Island.

In addition to making a rich, hearty addition to soups and broths, marrow bones also have nutrients associated with decreased inflammation, better skin health and improved joint function.

Most cooks use beef bone marrow by roasting them, creating a base for beef broth that is much richer and healthier than what you can buy pre-packed at a store. With Acabonac Farms, there’s the added benefit of having the marrow come from cattle that are 100% grassfed and pasture finished. Order from us and have your order of bone marrow delivered directly to your door.

Each Pack of Marrow Bones is Approximately 60oz

Pack Size: 1 Pack ($37.50 per Pack)

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