Acabonac Pet - The Cost and Value Of A Raw Food Subscription

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Choosing the perfect diet for your dog doesn’t need to be a battle between cost and quality. While it’s true that premium raw dog food is more expensive than dry kibble, the long-term cost savings of going raw can make your investment a very smart financial decision.

It’s a confusing world out there for dog owners. It makes sense why many people are led to believe that a “cheap” dry kibble diet is satisfactory. Major dog food manufacturers are masters of marketing, and aren’t always 100% transparent about what their food really contains. Bags of dry kibble showcase colorful images of meats and vegetables on their packaging, yet the product is about as far from that reality as possible. Premium raw dog food on the other hand, like Acabonac Pet, is made of whole foods, leaving no question as to what your dog is consuming every single day.

Here are some reasons why a raw dog food diet can end up improving your dog’s health and wellbeing while saving you money in the long run.


Health and Safety Standards

Acabonac Pet food is… real food! Unfortunately, being able to say that is uncommon in the dog food industry. Many standards of health and safety are thrown by the wayside because dog food is only required to be made to what are called “feed” standards. What that means is that dog food products can legally be made with ingredients that would be unfit and illegal to sell for human consumption. This includes the “4D” meats (diseased, disabled, dying, and dead animals) that are strictly off limits for human food production. These low standard thresholds allow kibble to be made with subpar ingredients and be packed with fillers and powders that are barely digestible.

In contrast, Acabonac Pet recipes contain whole fruit, vegetables, and of course premium meat - all sourced from local farms including our own Long Island ranch. Our ingredients are real, safe, and nutritional. Switching to Acabonac Pet raw food means that you’re giving your dog the opportunity to enjoy, well… real food. What dog doesn’t deserve that?


Keeping Trips to the Vet Minimal

Feeding your dog highly processed foods their entire life can cause numerous health issues over time and increase the likelihood for developing illnesses, especially those that their breed is predisposed to. Stomach, joint, and weight issues are some of the most common reasons for expensive trips to the vet, and also happen to be problems closely tied to your dog’s diet. 

Dental health is another area that is often overlooked when considering dog food options. Raw food diets are much better for dogs’ teeth than processed kibble diets, and Acabonac Pet recipes go the extra mile to support your dog’s teeth by including bacteria and decay-fighting ingredients like kelp.

Being that our foods are prepared in USDA-inspected facilities and contain high quality ingredients, with limited processing, we’re proud to say we offer the healthiest diet available so that trips to the vet stay as minimal as possible.  


Meat vs. Cheap Meat Powder

Not all protein is created equal. This is an important distinction to make as protein is the single most important macronutrient for dogs. Making sure that they’re getting an adequate amount of quality protein is paramount when creating a diet plan for your dog. Although kibble producers may advertise high amounts of protein and show images of delectable cuts of beef on their packaging, the reality is that most of the protein is derived from protein “meal” rather than from real meat. Protein meal is a powdered substance that is a byproduct of the rejected waste created during human food production.

This is one of the main reasons that dry kibble is “cheaper” than a premium raw diet, but far less valuable in terms of your dog’s nutrition and health. Acabonac Pet uses 100% real meat, taken from quality cuts – not inedible scrap. Being raw and unprocessed means that our protein retains its natural structure and is easily digestible. Raw meat protein is what dogs’ bodies have evolved to consume over millennia. Make sure your dog is consuming real protein that they can take full nutritional advantage of, not processed powders. 


Precise Portions = Big Savings 

It’s extremely common for dogs to be overfed when their diet consists of generous servings measured in scoops. This results in inaccurate and inconsistent portioning which can lead to one of the deadliest health issues facing dogs today: weight gain. Problems related to overfeeding can end up costing dog owners thousands of dollars a year. Not to mention, imprecise measurement during feeding ends up depleting your food faster than expected, making your trips to the pet store for additional heavy bags of kibble more common.

Raw food plans from Acabonac Pet are custom made for your dog, taking their breed, activity level, and weight goals into account. Once you’ve designed your plan, the food is delivered to your front door in premade packs so that portioning during mealtime is put on autopilot. The benefits of precisely portioned meals delivered to your front door include reduced trips to the pet store and a decreased likelihood of your dog developing ailments caused by an unhealthy weight.