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Single ingredient jerky dogs go wild for! Made with one ingredient: grass finished beef!

About Us

Located on eastern Long Island, along the shores of the Atlantic, Acabonac Farms embodies my vision for food done the right way. I built Acabonac Farms in 2015 to pursue quality meat production that worked with the land rather than against it - something that is severely lacking in modern day American food production. An intense focus on restoring the health of our soil bridges the gap between delicious nutrient dense food and environmental sustainability, and it was upon this belief that Acabonac Farms was born.

A New Mission

Before Acabonac Farms, I worked about as far away from grassy pastures or livestock as you can get. My career brought me from New York City to London and back, and like many others, my busy lifestyle forced nutrition into the proverbial backseat. I began learning about the reality of food production in America and the detriments of industrial farming, and the significant reduction in the nutritional quality of the food we consume today.

For much of American history livestock was raised the Acabonac Farms way. But in recent decades, the U.S. meat industry has undergone a radical transformation. Following World War II a dramatic shift took place, and a transition from small integrated family farms to large conventional mono-product farms emerged. Widespread use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers became the norm. This “modern” of farming took hold and retains a grasp on the industry today. While this did indeed boost production yields, a massive sacrifice in the nutritional value of food took place. Today, the small livestock farmer has been all but replaced by protein-processing conglomerates that own massive feedlots and industrial meatpacking plants.

We wanted to raise livestock according to the traditional pasture-based farming practices that have fed humanity for hundreds of years and provide our customers with premium healthy meats they deserve. We wanted to build a farm that would engage in a symbiotic relationship with the land its livestock grazed upon. Supportive and restorative rather than destructive. Acabonac Farms is built entirely upon this approach of food production that leverages the power of nature rather than synthetic compounds, fossil fuels and mechanical disturbance.

Long Island Born and Raised

The decision to establish Acabonac Farms on Long Island was no accident. It was the perfect location. Long Island has an extensive and rich farming history that dates back centuries, and in fact, is home to one of America’s oldest working cattle ranches.

I was born and raised on Long Island. Having grown up in the area, I have a deep connection to the land and the close-knit community that exists here. In fact, it is a childhood friend of mine, Danny, whom I met in grade school on Long Island, that runs farm operations with me today.

Creating a sustainable and responsible farm that provides nutritious food for the community, and practices environmentally restorative farming methods, allows us to give back to this place that we hold so dear. The benefit of restoratively grown nutrient dense food is undeniable both for the community, and the beautiful natural environment that surrounds it.

Thank you for supporting our farm. We are here to support you in what is hopefully your growing interest in restorative agriculture, truly healthy and delicious meats, and ultimately a healthier lifestyle.