How To Defrost Raw Dog Food – It’s Easy!

Acabonac Farms |

With Acabonac Pet we make defrosting raw dog food very easy! Unlike with bulk frozen raw dog food, we package our frozen raw dog food in easy to portion 8 oz patties. In fact, we do all our math based on number of patties per day, so there’s never any question about how much frozen raw dog food to feed your pooch and how much raw food you will need to defrost.

If your curious how to defrost your raw dog food, keep reading – it’s very easy. To begin let’s cover what you should not do.

Don’t run frozen raw dog food under hot water, and even more importantly, don’t leave your pup’s raw dog food on the counter all day to defrost.

Leaving raw dog food out to defrost is potentially dangerous and allows time for natural bacteria to multiply and spoil the food.

Instead, defrosting raw dog food overnight in the refrigerator is a simple, safe and easy method to insure you always have the right amount of food on hand and in good condition.

When you created your subscription you should have been told how many patties per day your dog should be eating. If you need a refresher you can always give us a call, us email us to learn their optimal feeding schedule.

Armed with that information simply move a couple days worth of our frozen raw dog food patties from the freezer to the refrigerator to defrost your raw dog food overnight. The next morning everything should be perfect and ready to eat! Please note, if your refrigerator is especially cold it may take up to 24 hours to defrost raw dog food.