Obesity In Dogs - How Raw Dog Food Fights Dog Obesity

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Obesity is an epidemic in America, not just among humans but our beloved pet companions as well. According to Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, veterinarians estimate that as many as 59% of all pets in America are obese. Further alarming is a study by Banfield Pet Hospital that shows a 158% increase in the number of overweight dogs within the last 10 years. Clearly, we are failing our canine friends and much like the explosion of junk food on our grocery store shelves, we can easily look down the neon bag adorned pet food aisle at your local mega mart to see what’s happening. 

Dog Obesity Is a Big Deal

There is no hard and fast definition for obesity in dogs, but most veterinarians agree a 30% increase over ideal weight constitutes obesity. Unfortunately for our canine companions, health issues begin to arise far before this 30% marker. These health issues can include arthritis, liver disease, bladder & urinary tract disease, kidney disease, thyroid issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure and cancer. To make this argument less abstract, The Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine published a study that showed overweight dogs lived 2.5 years less than their healthy weight counterparts.

Is Your Dog Overweight?

It is best to work with your veterinarian to assess your dog’s current bodyweight; however for a quick idea, The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has a handy online guide to help you assess your dog’s current conditioning. Another quick check that works for most breeds is the rib check. Can you see the outline of your dog’s individual ribs? Then they could probably gain a few pounds. Is their belly distending past their ribcage? Then they might need to lose a couple pounds. Either way we recommend talking with your vet before undertaking any weight loss journey with your pup.

How To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that celebrates chubby dogs as the pinnacle of cuteness. While we agree all dogs are adorable (at any weight) and require 100% of our love and attention, the best way we can show them love is to help them achieve a healthy weight and lead their best lives.

Fortunately, the secret to achieving a healthy weight for your dog is not a secret and largely the same as weight control for yourself: diet and exercise. While we are not here to prescribe an exercise regimen for your dog, we can help with the diet!

Food To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Acabonac Pet was formulated by a pet nutrition expert to be a biologically appropriate dog food, full of everything your dog needs to thrive without extra fillers like corn or nutrient void proteins like chicken meal. Instead Acabonac Pet is full of quality raw protein including our own grass fed and finished beef raised right here on Long Island, as well as raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, and a multivitamin mix. All ground into convenient individually wrapped patties.

With Acabonac Pet we make feeding time easy and help you set up your ideal delivery subscription from day one. Our individually wrapped frozen patties are perfect for portion control and can help you make sure you are feeding your dog exactly what they need to reach an ideal weight quickly. If you’re ready to start your dog on their healthy weight journey, contact us today!