The Proof Is In The Poop

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Like any parent, a dog owner can tell you there’s one thing that’s true in life: poop tells a story about the health of whoever is doing the pooping. Not exactly the most elegant thought anyone will ever have, but that doesn’t make it any less true. 

Many dog owners make the switch to raw dog food once they hear about the nutritional value it offers. But they stay committed to raw dog food after they see the proof in the poop.

Poop Problems With Many Dogs

You can try to ignore them, but there are some issues impossible to ignore when it comes to what you feed your dog and the poop that results. As a dog owner, you have seen at least one or two of them - or, for those less fortunate, all of them.

You know you have problems with your pet’s diet when your dog:

  • Is so constipated they can’t poop
  • Produces poop that is too loose
  • Has poop that is sticky when you try to pick it up
  • Produces poop that Is unformed and more liquid than solid
  • Has poop that has bit of undigested food in it
  • Delivers poop with a stench that is both terrible and unavoidable unless you move far, far away

Those who don’t own dogs might grimace, but dog owners will nod their heads in agreement. The question is: why do these things happen?

Dogs Weren’t Meant To Eat Cooked Grains

Read any book on the history of dogs and they will tell you dogs evolved from wolf ancestors. What they won't say is that dogs evolved and thrived by eating grain that was cooked and heavily processed. But that’s what industrial dog food producers want dog owners to feed their pets.

Take a look at your dog. Even the most precious little pooch has a mouth, teeth and digestive system built for the carnivore. That’s not the profile of a grain-eater. 

The reason industrial dog food contains grains, corn and other feed grade food is the same reason why the industrial beef industry feeds the same stuff to cattle to make beef for humans. It’s cheap and makes manufacturing dog food on a massive scale much more profitable.

Raw Dog Food Offers What Dogs Need

If the proof of health really is in the poop, then you will see the difference in your dog once they have successfully transitioned to raw food.

Dogs on a raw meat and vegetable diet tend to poop less because they are using more of the nutrients from their food. They will breakdown and digest much more of their food, compared to what they do with cooked dog food. What they do poop is small and much easier to clean up after. 

This is what happens when you switch a dog off the carb-heavy, grain-rich cooked dog food diet and onto a more natural raw food diet. 

Another advantage: Their poop, in addition to being smaller, doesn’t smell as bad either. That’s because the food going in is much healthier, and smell is another way that shows up in the poop. 

Every dog provides its owners a snapshot every day of its health. The proof really is in the poop. When you switch to a raw dog food diet, you will see that proof right away.