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Top 5 Dog Breeds Prone to Canine Obesity

Today, canine obesity is on the rise, which comes along with a slew of other concerning health conditions.

A recent study from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) sought to investigate the health issues facing dogs today in hopes of identifying macro trends regarding pet health. To do so, the study sampled more than 20,000 dogs to identify the range and frequency of health problems in breeds of all shapes, sizes, and genetic predispositions. Despite testing a wide variety of breeds, one primary issue became obvious. The results found that 1 out of every 14 dogs in the UK was overweight. Many of these overweight dogs were also at a much higher risk for additionally difficult problems such as heart disease, arthritis, breathing issues, and even cancer.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 dog breeds prone to weight gain.


Bulldogs are the number one dog breed at risk of being overweight. This might not come as a surprise as this breed is notorious for being on the heftier, stockier side. In fact, it’s in their breed standards to be so. Bulldogs are not athletic animals. Contrarily, they are very low energy dogs, which puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to maintaining a lean and healthy body composition.


Like bulldogs, pugs are prone to gaining excessive weight due to their low energy. It is important to give dogs an adequate chance to get exercise, even if they don’t seem like they “need” it or seem to be more content sitting on your couch. Because pugs often prefer a more sedentary lifestyle, it can be all too easy to allow them to add on weight without noticing until it is too late.


These hounds are energetic and active in nature, so why are they on this list? Beagles are meant to be tracking, hunting, and working dogs. So, when their lifestyle doesn’t match what they were bred to do, it is very easy for them to gain weight. That’s why it is vitally important to allow your beagle to work to exert the energy it needs to on a daily basis. Take beagles on long walks or even play to their tracking instincts and hide snacks for them to sniff out and find rather than feeding it to them right away.

Golden Retrievers

America’s favorite dog breed is also one most commonly found to be suffering from canine obesity. Golden retrievers are hard not to treat like a spoiled child, and families often become overly giving when feeding time comes around. It doesn’t help that they are naturally vivacious eaters with an appetite for anything.


These lovably low dogs are unfortunately often overweight. Because of their stature, Dachshunds can’t help but require extra effort to stay at a healthy weight. They oftentimes suffer with back issues that make it more difficult to engage in exercise.  According to the UK’s Royal Veterinary College, 1 in 4 dachshunds develop an intervertebral disc disorder or disease. So instead of relying on exercise which may become painful for your dachshund, keep a close eye on their diet and make sure they engage in low impact walks to keep the weight off.

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