Why Is There Kelp in My Dog Food?

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The ocean grows plants with the largest amount of minerals and vitamins of any plant group in a single class — seaweed and kelp. These plants absorb their minerals directly from ocean water. Kelp alone is highly nutritious — a rich natural source of amino acids, protein, iodine, iron, and other vitamins that are essential for healthy teeth, hormones, metabolism, and more.

Still, when you hear this, you may not expect to hear a recommendation for seaweed for dogs’ teeth. Acabonac Pet contains kelp which helps minimize dental residue that bacteria attach to and enhances the overall health of canine teeth. Understanding the benefits of kelp and purchasing a complete food containing kelp is a great way to prioritize your pet’s health and keep those canine teeth healthy.

What Are the Key Benefits of Kelp In Dog Food?

  • Kelp helps reduce dental plaque and tartar build-up in dogs. Research shows that this is due to a bacterium in kelp (Bacillus linchenformis) that releases an enzyme that breaks down plaque.
  • Kelp is beneficial for gum health because of the iodine that is present in it. This helps to reduce both the swelling and inflammation that occurs in the gums when bacteria are present.
  • Kelp can cut down on bad breath by reducing bacteria present in the mouth — another benefit of using seaweed for dogs’ teeth.
  • Kelp protects your dog’s glandular system, particularly the thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands. For example, it helps prevent hypothyroidism because it’s rich in iodine (a chemically necessary element). When your dog’s glandular system is operating correctly, its metabolism remains in working order which helps it maintain a healthy weight.
  • Kelp contains natural amino acids such as glycine, alanine, arginine, proline, glutamic, and aspartic acids. It is thought that these types of amino acids can support tissue repair and improve longevity.
  • Kelp contains iron and calcium. Dogs who eat food with kelp supplements are also more likely to heal from injury at an advanced rate because of iron enrichment and bone nourishment. It also helps to strengthen the immune system, which can be highly beneficial, especially for older dogs.

Can You Add Kelp to Dog Food?

After better understanding the benefits of kelp, most pet owners understand that dog food with kelp is far superior to food without. But what’s the right way to add kelp to dog food? Can you keep the same dog food you’ve been using and add in a kelp power or supplement, or should you switch food altogether?

The easiest solution to this is purchasing dog food that has a complete recipe including kelp. At Acabonac Pet we know kelp is good for dogs so there’s no worrying about extra kelp powders or supplements because we include it from the beginning as part of our complete and balanced formula for a healthy, happy pup.