Battling Fatigue At Home and Abroad

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Human nature is to ignore hard truths and insulate oneself from bad news. It's a natural reaction rooted in self preservation. There are times when no news is good news and sometimes we willfully decide to fall into that trap. Occasionally we will do this at the farm; a project may become overly complex, or a piece of infrastructure is performing well enough that it's ok to forget about it.

This mindset almost always bites us on the backside.

History has shown that those who remain focused and proactive; moving swiftly and boldly during the hard times often do very well. When projects get difficult that's when it's time to dig in and find a way out.

We need to be bold over the next few months. Times are getting a bit tougher both at home and abroad. So now it's time for us to keep our focus and get a bit tougher.

It was easy for us to donate to Ukraine when they had well publicized momentum. Now it’s a bit more difficult. Domestic news of inflation and recession concerns overshadow the ongoing war that is still affecting millions of Ukrainians.

But now is when we need to be bold. Whereas the Russian people are not enemies of Americans, it is clear that we have a political enemy in the Russian government. And Ukraine, a gloriously corrupt, yet beautiful and fiercely democratic country, needs our continued help.

Acabonac Farms will continue its effort to assist the people of Ukraine. This is an important cause for us, and we can not afford to become distracted or fatigued.

For the remainder of July and all of August, Acabonac farms will be donating 50% of the profits from sales of our Ground Beef, Bratwurst and Burger Patties to chef José Andrés' nonprofit World Kitchen organization.

As we enter the final stretch of summer we think focusing our donation on the sale of grilling staples will be the best and most effective way to lend our support to the people of Ukraine.

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