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Building Forage

In our last blog, I wrote about how cows aren’t part of the problem when it comes to environmental concerns.

It’s the way the industrial meat producers raise cows that is the problem.

At Acabonac Farms, part of our work is to educate people on why we do what we do. All our cattle are grass-fed. We don’t use growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics. Our cattle are raised in a natural environment.

That’s NOT the case with industrial farms that fill cattle with drugs, pack them onto feedlots and force them to eat grains, corn, soy and silage - food cattle were never meant to eat. That leads to a host of problems, including environmental ones.

So, when you read about cows causing global warming, keep in mind they are not talking about cattle on grass-fed farms.

In our last blog, I wrote about how research has found grass-fed cattle help with carbon sequestration. That’s good for countering global warming.

Another positive result of grass-fed cattle farms is that they enhance and strengthen the soil and grass of the local environment. 

We wrote in length about this issue on our website. By using rotational grazing - rotating cows through different pastures - we enhance the product of local forage by as much as 70%! It also keeps cattle from overgrazing a pasture. 

Rotational grazing allows grass to retain the root mass and energy needed to regrow.

That means that grass and other foliage grows back healthy and strong. Rotational grazing also keeps soil fertile and results in less runoff during heavy rains. That means grass farms do not have the issues with water contamination that industrial farms have.

In my next blog, I will talk a bit more about how grass-fed farms help - not hurt - the environment. Until then, you can look at our lineup of productsthat we deliver directly to your door! And never hesitate to contact me with questions.

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