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We’re offering a new product from Acabonac Farms that I’m excited to tell you about.

It’s called RAWF - a raw dog food we make here on Long Island using our 100% grass-fed, pasture-finished beef. I truly believe it gives you a better, healthier way to feed your dog.

We are making RAWF for a simple reason. We’re honored that you’ve trusted us to provide healthy, grass-fed beef to the people in your house. We wanted to do the same thing for your dog.

We control everything that goes into RAWF at Acabonac Farms. That way, we know it’s the healthiest dog food you can buy from a source you trust.

You can read all about RAWF and order directly from the RAWF website (

Our first step in making RAWF was to consult a leading dog nutritionist to design a raw dog food that promotes optimal growth, gut health and easy digestibility. From that design, we created raw dog food that provides your dog complete and balanced natural nutrition.

RAWF contains our 100% grass-fed, pasture-finished beef from our local, sustainable farm, and American-sourced whole fruits and vegetables. And importantly it is a whole meal for your dog, not just a treat.

Health benefits from RAWF include improved digestive and immune systems. Because it doesn’t contain common dog food allergens, RAWF also is good for dogs with food sensitivities. Raw dog food promotes a shinier coat, more vitality and energy, healthier gums and teeth and a longer life.

Another big plus: Because RAWF is formulated to create maximum nutrient absorption, dogs have smaller, less frequent bowel movements.

On, we’ve got answers to all your questions, including how to transition your dog to raw food and detailed information on our ingredients.

We currently sell only to customers in New York state and offer free shipping through UPS. Each order of RAWF is frozen and delivered directly to your door. We also individually wrap each patty - no digging around in a bag full of raw patties.

We’re proud of RAWF brand dog food. It’s what we feed our dogs! We think it will make a difference for your dog, too.

Feel free to reach out with any questions - or 631.731.2520.



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