Where does your beef come from? Made In The USA Is Not The Same As Raised In The USA

Acabonac Farms |

Recently the Biden administration has taken steps to close a loophole and crack down on imported grass-fed beef being labeled as "Made In The USA". According to Bloomberg, Most grass-fed beef labeled ‘Product of U.S.A.’ is actually imported meat. For small, local farmers like us this is great news and a big step towards increasing consumer education about locally produced foods.

This change, though good, prompts a big question: how do we know where our food is coming from? In reality, unless you know the farmer it's hard to say! The worldwide agro-industrial industry has made a point of obfuscating where our food comes from and what we are putting in our bodies in a race to the bottom line. 

When you purchase from Acabonac Farms you have the privilege of knowing exactly where your and their food is coming from. In fact you can even visit the farm and see the cattle! 

While we're encouraged by this news coming out of the White House, we know there's a long road of education ahead of us. That's why we are grateful for all our customers who support sustainable local agriculture by sharing our grass-fed beef and mission with their friends and family. 

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