A Tale Of Two Sirloins

Tony Patterson |

Sirloin steaks are some of our favorites here at the farm. In fact our sirloin steak packs are some of our best sellers! They are a fantastic value and when prepared correctly eat well above their price point. Somewhat uniquely, compared to the average grocery store, we sell two variations of sirloin steak: sirloin and sirloin tip steaks. Both are cut from the sirloin subrpimal however each have nuances that make them fantastic in their own right. You might even be wondering: is sirloin steak tender?

Sirloin tip steaks are not especially popular on the east coast, perhaps due to lack of familiarity. This is a shame because when you dig into what makes cap steaks great, you’ll find they’re worth making freezer space for. At Acabonac we currently produce low numbers of cap steaks due to light demand, however nothing would make us happier than to produce more on a regular basis!

To better illustrate the difference between these two sirloin steaks let’s dig into each one individually:

Sirloin tip steaks, are cut from the top of the sirloin subprimal and encompasses a great combination of flavor and tenderness. More tender than a sirloin steak, sirloin tip steaks are lean with a modest amount of marbling allowing them to perform well on the grill. As with all grass finished steaks, a slight oil rub before grilling will afford you a bit more leeway while cooking.   

Sirloin steaks, on the other hand, are great all-around value steaks and often what comes to mind when people think of “steak night”. Pan fried sirloin steaks are an easy weeknight meal! Lean with a strong flavor, our grass finished sirloin steaks are not quite as tender as our tip steaks but make up for this with a lower price point and deep beefy flavor. We recommend stocking up with our bulk sirloin steak packs to make sure you always have them ready to go!

Sirloin steaks cook well in the pan as well as the grill but will benefit from a medium cooking temperature as well as additional fat. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with compound butter – our sirloin steak is the perfect companion!

Quick reference:

  • Sirloin – good beefy flavor, medium tenderness, performs well on the grill or in a pan, cook with medium heat, weeknight go-to classic
  • Sirloin Tip – most tender, great combination of flavor and tenderness, performs well on the grill or in a pan, good value compared to ribeye and filet mignon

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