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Tenderloin Tips for Quick Meals

Acabonac tenderloin tips may be our favorite weeknight meal go-to when we have less than 30 minutes to cook up something delicious and healthy for the family. The story of how we created these tender morsels of beefy goodness is actually a great example of how sometimes necessity begets innovation – and in this case innovation leads to something delicious!

The story of our tenderloin tips begins with an almost obsessive quest to produce the perfect steak. Filet mignon, you see, is cut from the tenderloin subprimal. This subsection of the loin primal is renowned for its lean, flavorful meat that remains tender due to its location on the cattle. The tenderness plus relative scarcity of the tenderloin when compared against the weight of the whole cattle leads to the premium price of a filet mignon. At this premium price, we expect perfection!

Now for a bit of cattle anatomy 101, the tenderloin is not uniform piece of meat from which perfect 6 oz steaks can be cut. It’s a muscle, as such it has a natural shape that is not uniform throughout. In order to create our perfect filet mignon steaks we have to essentially cut off the ends of the tenderloin and only produce center cut filet mignons. Otherwise steaks cut from the ends of the tenderloin would vary wildly in width.

What then do we do with the tips and tails of the tenderloin? This is prized filet mignon meat after all.  After some internal debate the answer was clear: slice the tips into easy to cook inch long pieces and make them available at an affordable price to our customers!   

Our filet tips are a marvel to cook with. Every bit as tender as filet mignon, but sliced small and more affordable. Looking for some quick meal ideas? Our filet tips melt in your mouth when added to stew, fry up in minutes when added to stir fries, and positively absorb flavors like a sponge when placed in a fajita marinade. Long story short, when you’re looking for a quick beef addition to your next meal; there’s no better choice than our grass finished tenderloin tips.  

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