Should You Eat Beef for Christmas?

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Move over ham, step aside duck. Christmas beef has a long proud history on the holiday table and if you’re looking for Christmas meat ideas, grass finished beef from Acabonac Farms should be at the top of the list!

In this article, we'll share an overview of the best cuts of beef to cook for Christmas eve dinner, how to choose affordable beef cuts for the holidays, and tips to make Christmas dinner a success.

Tips for Eating Beef For Christmas

1. There Are Many Affordable Christmas Beef Cuts

There’s more than prime rib when it comes to holiday beef. For affordable Christmas beef ideas check out some classic roasts! From fresh brisket to grass fed beef short ribs, Acabonac beef roasts are flavorful and affordable options to feed a crowd.

Moving beyond roasts - beef oxtail and osso bucco are easy to prepare, affordable, and full of flavor! If you have a crowd to feed, consider skipping the expensive prime rib or duck and instead bringing out a warm serving platter of braised osso bucco set on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes. Your guests will be talking all night about how much they love the unique twist on your holiday table.

2. Make Your Holiday Dinner Ahead for Easy Execution

Unlike duck or even prime rib, many of the Christmas meat options available from Acabonac are best when prepared a day or two in advance!

Oxtail, brisket, short ribs and osso bucco not only can be prepared in advance, they should be! These cuts of grass finished beef develop even more flavor when cooked a day in advance and left to sit in the refrigerator overnight (truly the best way to thaw brisket!). Then on the day of the big meal you only have to reheat your delicious holiday beef in the oven! That means more time spent enjoying the holidays with friends and family with less time in the kitchen.

3. Beef Can Be Easier to Cook Than Other Christmas Dinner Options

Turkey and duck are notoriously difficult to cook, prime rib must be meticulously timed. Fish? Let’s not even discuss. Why not make the holidays easier by choosing cuts of meat that are better when braised?

Braising is a low and slow, near foolproof cooking method that delivers consistent and tasty results every time. This holiday forget Christmas meat that is difficult to cook, instead choose easy to prepare beef from Acabonac Farms. Our brisket, osso bucco, short ribs and oxtail are perfect braising cuts that your guests will love.

4. Make It a Memorable Christmas Feast

When is the last time you had oxtail for the holidays? If you're wondering "what is oxtail," you're in for a treat. Too often we are bound to traditions when it comes to holiday meals. But really, is dry turkey or tough duck worth keeping just for the sake of tradition? Switch it up a bit! Your guests will be impressed with your willingness to experiment with creating new traditions, and even more importantly they will be impressed with how delicious everything is!

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