100% grassfed and pasture finished beef snack sticks are made with the same quality beef we cut our steaks from!

Single ingredient jerky dogs go wild for! Made with one ingredient: grass finished beef!

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If you are an environmentally conscious shopper, you might want to think twice about buying fake meat.
When trying to eat a healthy diet, many people focus on the saying: “You are what you eat.” But what’s just as important to keep in mind is that “you are what you eat eats.”
One outcome of the COVID-19 outbreak has been skyrocketing demand from consumers for locally sourced food, including grass-fed, pasture-finished beef.
We promise our customers healthy, nutritious grass-fed beef. But, without using a lot of marketing hype, what exactly does that mean?
For some people, choosing what to eat goes beyond matters of taste or what is appropriate for certain occasions. They aren’t concerned about comfort food or fine dining. They’re concerned about the ethics of eating. 

If you read about food, it’s impossible to escape mention of the Impossible Burger. The plant-based burger has become a sensation among those who practice a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle but miss the taste and texture of a burger.

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Depending on what you read, beef has become the food villain. Many want to blame beef for everything from causing disease to warming the planet.

None of this is deserved. Beef, especially 100% grass-fed beef, provides many health benefits.

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One of the major talking points on climate change in recent years have been this: People should cut back on eating meat, as it will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute toward slowing down climate change.

That’s an attractive thought. Simply change your eating habits and help save the planet.

But is it true?

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So, what is the history of the hamburger? It includes the wisdom of cattle ranchers 10,000 years ago, Romans, Mongolians and, most importantly in terms of direct influence, the great steaks of Hamburg, Germany.

But it took the vision of American entrepreneur to turn it into one of the most popular sandwiches on the planet.

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