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Benefits Of Feeding Raw

Raw dog food made from healthy proteins, vegetables and fruit is better for your dog in almost every way when compared to kibble, including dental health. The food we feed our pets impacts their mood, longevity, energy levels, and bodily function. The consensus today is that a raw dog food diet is the optimal one for canines. Raw dog food from quality, trusted sources like Acabonac Pet provide the nutrient rich whole foods that dogs need to live their lives to the fullest.

When you feed your dog raw food, you’re giving them a biologically appropriate diet containing exactly what their bodies are primed to digest and take full advantage of. The science is quite clear, and at Acabonac Pet, we produce some of the world’s highest quality small-batch raw dog food.

Benefits of switching to raw dog food:

Immune System Boost
Highly processed, carbohydrate-rich dry kibble is associated with increased inflammation and a weakened immune system in dogs. Pivoting from manufactured and processed to raw and natural may help reduce stress placed on your dog’s immune system and give them an infection and disease fighting boost.

Acabonac Pet raw dog food recipes are full of Omega-3 fatty acids that play an integral role in canine immunity and overall health. Not only do Omega-3 fatty acids help boost immune function, but recent research shows that the same long-chain fatty acids found in Acabonac Pet food can also improve brain function and support healthier, shinier coats.

Nutrients for across-the-board health
Raw, protein-based food tastes amazing to your dog. But their tongue isn’t the only thing benefiting. Acabonac Pet raw food recipes are nutrient dense powerhouse meals that check all the boxes when it comes to holistic dog nutrition. Fresh raw fruits, vegetables, and seeds are included to provide a wealth of health benefits including fiber for better digestion, antioxidants for immune health, and a great boost for the metabolism.

The foundation of our raw recipes, however, is meat. Dogs need meat, and the single most important macronutrient to them is protein. Whether your dog prefers beef, chicken, lamb, or pork, the main ingredient in all our meals is fresh, raw, real meat.

Weight management made easy, joint health benefits
Our premium raw dog food is pre-portioned to make weight management easy. Keeping close tabs on your dog’s eating habits can ensure that they do not end up in an over or underweight state. Pre-portioning makes this important duty easy and automatic. Keeping your dog at the optimal weight is crucial to staving off many of the most common ailments dogs face including joint pain and inflammation. Studies have shown that even a minor weight reduction can alleviate painful conditions caused by joint diseases like arthritis.

Poor portion planning also results in food that goes bad. When bags of kibble sit open for long periods of time, the fats they contain can turn rancid, making it dangerous to consume.

Reduce the risk of cancer
Cancer is often accompanied by chronic inflammation and oxidative stress, which is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants that can lead to tissue damage. An antioxidant rich diet can help fight the onset of such conditions and reduce the risk for developing cancer. It’s no secret that antioxidants are effective cancer-thwarting warriors for both humans and animals, so the reasoning behind feeding your dogs a diet that contains them is obvious. Our raw dog food is packed with dietary antioxidants found in the fresh vegetables in our recipes.

Better Dental Health
While eating kibble can cause dogs to develop teeth problems over the years, raw dog food and meaty bones can keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy. Any food that comes from grain - something a dog was not evolved to eat - is more likely to stick to the teeth and cause dental problems down the road. Of course, most dog owners have a toothbrush from their vet. But that only is effective when used consistently, day after day, for the life of your dog. Few people are disciplined enough, or have the time, to brush their dog’s teeth every day.

Raw meat contains enzymes that help to break down food, making it easier to digest and keeping food particles from sticking to and accumulating on teeth. That helps prevent the buildup of more tartar and the formations of plaque. Acabonac Pet also contains kelp, a key addition that breaks down dental plaque.

Real meat makes your dog really happy
We said it once and we’ll say it again. Your dog loves meat! That dry kibble in their bowl? Not meat.

Is there a danger with feeding raw dog food?

There is a misconception that feeding your dog a dry kibble diet is safer than feeding raw. There are daily safety recalls on dry kibble dog food for a myriad of reasons. Just because it is dry does not mean it ensures safety.

“I don’t eat raw, so why should my dog?”
We may think that our pets are just like us, but their physiology (and fur) says otherwise. Their short, highly acidic, and very efficient digestive tract is ideal for the quick and proper digestion of raw dog food. Remember, eating raw is in their DNA. Our dogs no longer hunt for their food, but we cannot deny their genetic makeup.

“I heard that feeding raw makes dogs sick.”
In most cases with healthy dogs, it is not the raw food that makes them sick, but the poor transition over to raw that may cause digestive upset.

“Raw dog food does not have all the nutrients that my dog needs.”
Acabonac Pet levels up the raw movement with delicious complete and balanced raw meals made with the finest human grade meats, vegetables and fruits to ensure complete nutrition.

How else does Acabonac Pet Level up the Raw movement?

  • Our grass fed, grass finished pasture raised beef comes directly from our Acabonac Farms.
  • Acabonac Pet dog food is prepared in a USDA certified kitchen with human-grade meat.
  • The meat in our Acabonac Pet food is the same meat that you feed your family.
  • Every batch of meat in our dog food undergoes rigorous third-party testing for contaminants including salmonella, listeria, and e-coli.
  • Our dog food is prepared in small batches to ensure the highest standards.
  • Our dog food is made of human-grade meat, fruits and vegetables
  • We blend the ingredients together, form our pre-portioned patties, package and flash freeze our food. We maintain the natural integrity of the ingredients. And that is it – simple is best!
  • Our recipes are made with single source proteins (beef, chicken, pork, and lamb)
  • Our dog food is pre-portioned and individually packaged, flash frozen and held in a cold storage freezer for 48 hours before it is ready to ship.
  • Our dog food is complete and balanced, making it convenient for you to provide complete nutrition for your dog in a delicious raw meal.
  • Our dog food is locally made.
  • Our dog food is shipped in special insulated coolers with dry ice to your door ensure that it remains frozen to your door.
  • We back our food with a money back guarantee.

Simply put the benefits of a premade raw dog food boil down to two factors: nutrient balance and convenience. With Acabonac pet raw dog food you are choosing the ultimate in convenient dog food delivery. No more making the trek to the pet store to load up on huge bags of kibble or giant logs of frozen food. Instead, your pup’s food is conveniently delivered right to your doorstep on the schedule you choose. When you look at all the sites offering raw pet food delivery, we’re simply the best and work with you one on one to make sure you and your pup have the food you need when you need it.