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Single ingredient jerky dogs go wild for! Made with one ingredient: grass finished beef!

Our Commitment

At Acabonac Farms, we are dedicated to restoring the relationship we have with food. The state of the American food industry today is one of disconnection - prioritizing efficiency and profit over true nutrition, sustainability, and transparency. Acabonac Farms produces delicious and nutritionally dense meats. Sustainable food, or rather food which sustains your health and fosters a healthy environment, starts from the ground up. From our living soil to our pastures and ultimately to our livestock, our meats are grown naturally with a minimal human touch. We produce real food grown in harmony with the land - no corners cut- and work hard to make our products available conveniently to our customers.

Practice Restorative Agriculture

Humans have been practicing agriculture for more than 10,000 years, but in the modern era, industrial farming has evolved into an unsustainable, overly destructive endeavor. Farming without regard for the environment leads to a slew of issues including diminishing biodiversity among plants and animals, pollution, unsustainable rates of water consumption, development of chronic diseases, and foodborne pathogens, and of course a severe lack of nutritional value in foods.

Restorative agriculture, on the other hand, is the opposite of industrial agriculture.

At Acabonac Farms, we are steadfast in our dedication to practicing restorative farming techniques to ensure the health and prosperity of our surrounding environment as well as the natural ecosystem that exists within our pastures. Restorative farming has been used by Indigenous communities for centuries. Long before the inception of industrial agriculture, farming in harmony with the land, and effectively leveraging the Earth’s natural systems was required to ensure a healthy harvest. Acabonac Farms exclusively practices restorative farming because it supports the valuable ecosystem we operate within and results in a superior product unlike anything found on grocery store shelves.

Prioritize Convenience

At Acabonac Farms we strive to make premium and nutritious food accessible to everyone, without compromise, and without headaches. We understand that one of the largest hurdles consumers face when deciding to make mindful food choices is doing so in a way that fits into their busy lifestyle. We believe that accessing truly high-quality nutrition should be easy. The smoother we can make the process, the more likely you are to make long-lasting positive changes in your diet. That’s why prioritizing convenience is a foundational value at Acabonac Farms. We work hard to eliminate all friction between you and the food you deserve to eat.

Acabonac Farms provides a convenient shopping experience from start to finish. Our team is there to support you every step of the way, from order to delivery, to ensure that you feel confident when shopping with us. Our fast 1-to-2-day shipping ensures you receive your order quickly and on a schedule that works for you. We deliver our meats right to your doorstep, so you can skip the trip to the grocery store altogether.

We use recyclable eco-friendly packaging with all orders which helps reduce our environmental impact and allows for easy and guilt-free disposal. We also provide dry ice along with your order to maintain the freshness of your meat. Good food is simple, and so is our fulfillment process. Every order is filled directly from our farm, with zero middlemen, to guarantee quality and a reliable delivery.

Behind the scenes of all our processes and procedures is a dedicated team with a shared goal of providing a stellar product along with a stellar experience. We understand the importance of customer service and we are committed to providing you with the best experience possible. You can reach us via email or phone (631.731.2520) and speak to a real person who is happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. You can look forward to a convenient and stress-free experience when you shop with us.

Deliver Delicious & Nutrient Dense Healthy Meats

Everything we do at Acabonac Farms is done to produce a delicious and healthy product. This is achieved through our commitment to sustainably raising our livestock on the most nutritious diet possible. When you enjoy our meats, you are tasting an entire natural ecosystem at work, and your body can tell. Healthy soils produce nutrient dense forage, which in turn results in optimally healthy livestock and deliciously nutritious food.

It has been proven that grass fed and finished beef boasts significantly higher amounts of total nutrients, phytonutrients, antioxidants, key fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids compared to grain-fed beef. It makes sense. It is from properly managed and naturally enriched pastures that our livestock’s healthy and varied diet is supported – resulting in an impressively nutritious piece of meat.