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Single ingredient jerky dogs go wild for! Made with one ingredient: grass finished beef!

Building Trust, Who Is Feeding Your Dog?

There are countless options for us to choose from when it comes to selecting a dog food. Pet store aisles are dizzying. But although the choices are plentiful, transparency is often not. What’s really in the dog food you’re buying? Where is it coming from? Who’s actually feeding your dog? You’ve got questions and at Acabonac Pet, a Long Island raw dog food producer, we have answers.

Our dogs are members of the family. In order to provide them with the longest, happiest lives possible, pet parents should take care to ensure that their dog food is nutritious, and that the producer of it is transparent about their product. If you’re a health-conscious consumer, you already know the importance of monitoring what is in your own food. It’s necessary to make sure you’re giving your body what it needs to function optimally. There’s no sense in changing that perspective when it comes to our beloved pets.

But it’s not always an easy choice. Not only do we get decision fatigue from having so many choices thrown at us, but we’re often misled about what is inside dog food. Sure, the label might say chicken or beef, but the reality is, dry dog food producers use all kinds of methods to cut corners and costs using ingredients like protein meal or rendered protein. Ingredients like this ends up creating dog food that is devoid of much of the nutritional value that our dogs need on a daily basis. 

Mass marketed dog foods are also typically skewed towards using lower cost and nutrient void carbohydrates to bring costs down, violating the natural protein-forward balanced diet that dogs require. Now imagine providing your dog this sort of low-quality nutrition every single day of their life.

For being such valuable members of our family, we should be paying close attention to what’s in their food, and where it’s coming from in the first place. Don’t let large scale manufacturers mislead you just because they can. The reality of dry dog food is that it is far removed from the natural diet your dog really needs.

At Acabonac Pet, located on Long Island, New York, we take the mystery out of what’s in your dog’s food. In fact, it couldn’t get much clearer. Rather than coming from some industrial factory that uses chemicals and complex processing methods, Acabonac Pet Food is made locally and comes from a Long Island Farm that you can actually visit. That’s right, a Manhattan resident who wants to see where their dog’s food comes from could take a short trip to tour the farm and meet the rancher firsthand!

How’s that for a dog food brand you can trust?

At Acabonac Pet we value simple, healthy, whole ingredients. Our dedication to nutritious ingredients and transparency to dog owners across the state of New York is what sets us apart from the faceless producers of traditional dog food.

Acabonac Pet Food is completely raw; meaning that is has not undergone any cooking process. The meat, produce, and seeds in Acabonac Pet Dog Food are all in their basic raw form, as you would find them in nature, making it the healthiest choice for your dog. Not to mention, the beef used in our dog food is 100% grass-fed and finished.

With convenient dog food delivery subscriptions available, there’s no excuse for feeding your dog carbohydrate rich mass-produced food. Instead turn to Acabonac Pet – a food you can trust that checks all the boxes for a healthy diet for your furry best friend.