Embrace Acabonac Pet – Embrace Raw!

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Savvy pooch parents are embracing the raw pet food movement! The benefits of feeding a raw diet speak for themselves. Many vets and pet nutritionists are also tremendous advocates for this great way of feeding dogs.

There is a misconception that feeding your dog a dry kibble diet is safer than feeding raw. There are daily safety recalls on dry kibble dog food for a myriad of reasons. Just because it is dry does not mean it ensures safety.

“I don’t eat raw, so why should my dog?”

We may think that our pets are just like us, but their physiology (and fur) says otherwise. Their short, highly acidic, and very efficient digestive tract is ideal for the quick and proper digestion of raw dog food. Remember, eating raw is in their DNA.  Our dogs no longer hunt for their food, but we cannot deny their genetic makeup.

“I heard that feeding raw makes dogs sick.”

In most cases with healthy dogs, it is not the raw food that makes them sick, but the poor transition over to raw that may cause digestive upset.  

“Raw dog food does not have all the nutrients that my dog needs.”

Acabonac Pet levels up the raw movement with delicious complete and balanced raw meals made with the finest human grade meats, vegetables and fruits to ensure complete nutrition. 

How else does Acabonac Pet Level up the Raw movement?

  • Our grass fed, grass finished pasture raised beef comes directly from our Acabonac Farms.
  • Acabonac Pet dog food is prepared in a USDA certified kitchen with human-grade meat.
  • The meat in our Acabonac Pet food is the same meat that you feed your family.
  • Every batch of meat in our dog food undergoes rigorous third-party testing for contaminants including salmonella, listeria, and e-coli.
  • Our dog food is prepared in small batches to ensure the highest standards.
  • Our dog food is made of human-grade meat, fruits and vegetables
  • We blend the ingredients together, form our pre-portioned patties, package and flash freeze our food. We maintain the natural integrity of the ingredients. And that is it – simple is best!
  • Our recipes are made with single source proteins (beef, chicken, pork, and lamb)
  • Our dog food is pre-portioned and individually packaged, flash frozen and held in a cold storage freezer for 48 hours before it is ready to ship.
  • Our dog food is complete and balanced, making it convenient for you to provide complete nutrition for your dog in a delicious raw meal.
  • Our dog food is locally made.
  • Our dog food is shipped in special insulated coolers with dry ice to your door ensure that it remains frozen to your door.
  • We back our food with a money back guarantee.
  • We are here for you. Reach out to us with any questions at support@acabonacpet.com. We welcome your feedback. You can even speak directly to our founder and Chief Rancher, Stephen at 631-731-2520