How Do You Feed a Dog Who is a Picky Eater?

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How Do You Feed a Dog Who is a Picky Eater?

While most dogs have a love for eating that manifests daily in their ability to scarf up everything they come across - even, in some cases, things that aren’t strictly food - some dogs go against the stereotype and are finicky about what they eat.

Good for them. Nothing wrong with having strong opinions. But for owners, it’s not so great. They can only watch in frustration while their friends throw some food in a bowl and forget about it while Spot happily wolves it down. For the picky dog owner, mealtime is a never-ending carousel of foods as they search in vain for the right combination to please their fussy pet.

Fortunately, raw dog food might provide an answer.


What Causes Dogs to Become Picky Eaters?

Before figuring out what type of food to make your picky dog eat, it’s important to eliminate any health issues. In some cases, a dog refusing to eat is a sign of an underlying problem. 

If your dog’s fussiness about what they eat is a sudden change from their past behavior, or if it’s something that seems to be worsening, then contact your vet to determine if any significant health issues are at work. These can run from the relatively benign (a sore tooth, a gastrointestinal disorder) to the more serious (cancer, liver issues). 

Dogs may also avoid certain foods if they have an intolerance for them - in other words, they vomit or get diarrhea after they eat it. For obvious reasons, they may appear hesitant to eat the food even if they want to.

Once you’ve eliminated health concerns, then it’s a matter of finding food that will get your dog interested in eating.


Finding the Right Food for Finicky Dogs

Most dogs who are picky eaters are healthy. The reason they become picky usually involves becoming enamored with high-grade food once they’ve tried it. That’s why a dog might beg for the steak you’re eating at the dinner table but refuse the dry kibble you put in their bowl. Or they might whine to get some peanut butter and turn their nose up at canned food.

The key is giving them high-quality food consistently. You’re doing it for yourself, so why not do it for your dog?

Raw dog food can provide an answer. In the case of Acabonac Pet, human grade meat, vegetables and fruit go into each meal. It provides palatable food with tasty real protein that can help get your dog back on a regular eating schedule.

Nothing quite satisfies a dog like a healthy meal that involves plenty of meat. After all, it’s what their ancestors ate and it’s still their favorite, go-to source for the protein they need.


Other Tips For Getting Picky Dogs to Eat

Once you have purchased healthy, hearty raw dog food, you also might want to follow some proven methods offered by vets for getting your dog to eat on a regular schedule.  

  • Serve meals at the same time each day and take away what your dog doesn’t eat, storing it for use later in the day
  • Conversely, you can start your dog with small amounts and slowly increase what you give them until finding an amount they will eat at every meal
  • Avoid giving your dog table scraps or treats between meals
  • Try feeding your dog in different locations until you find one they are comfortable with


By following these simple steps, you can work toward getting even the most finicky dogs back onto a regular schedule. It starts with giving them food that not only gives them the nutrients they require, but also gives them food they will enjoy.