How Raw Dog Food Helps Dogs With Allergies

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All dog owners may not know the signs of allergies in their beloved pet. They just know that the four-legged family member is starting to engage in some out-of-character behavior. That behavior can include things like: 

  • Obsessively biting paws
  • Lick his backside (more than usual)
  • Shaking her head and pawing at ears
  • Chronic gas
  • In the worst cases, diarrhea and vomiting

None of these necessarily mean your dog is suffering from allergies. However, they all serve as  typical indicators that allergies are behind your dog’s misery. For most dog owners, the next move is a trip to the vet. Don’t be surprised if the vet asks you to change something in the dog’s environment - or what she’s eating. 

Causes of Dog Allergies

As with humans, dogs can become allergic to many different things. Some of the usual suspects include pollen, mold, dust, perfumes and certain fabrics. But food ranks as one of the biggest culprits.

About 10% of all dog allergy cases involve food, according to Susan Wynn, an internationally known expert on holistic pet care and former president of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. Wynn said the cause of allergies is multifactorial, with both environment and genetics playing a role. 

She also said research into dog allergies has found exposure to antibiotics while young may make dogs predisposed to allergies when they reach adulthood.

In some cases, people mistake food intolerance for food allergies. Dog’s experience food intolerance when they have a digestive issue with certain types of dog food. As with allergies, symptoms from food intolerance can also include diarrhea and vomiting.

The Difference With Raw Food

Commercial kibble contains grains and wheats that rank among the chief causes of dog allergies. They also can cause food intolerance. That’s because dogs, who evolved from wolves, are carnivores. And there’s nothing in kibble that a true carnivore wants to eat on a regular basis.

Raw dog food has many benefits when it comes to food allergies and intolerance. Raw dog food is easier to digest (the proof is in the poop). The nutrients available in raw dog food - especially the 100% grass-fed, pasture-finished beef used in Acabonac Pet - are more easily absorbed by the dog’s body. Acabonac Pet beef also contains no antibiotics or growth promoting hormones, eliminating that concern for dog owners. 

Raw dog food also leads to a shinier coat and better health, which in turn can boost a dog’s immune system. The natural ingredients in Acabonac Pet brand dog food contain no allergens, just pure beef, vegetables and fruit.

While every dog is different, transitioning your dog to raw dog food can boost their overall health, including strengthening their immune system. If you have concerns about your dog’s behavior and think it could indicate food allergies, raw dog food can provide a better alternative.