Why We Make Our Own Dog Food at Acabonac Pet

Acabonac Farms |

At Acabonac Pet, we like to let people know right away that we get the meat for our dog food right here from our own farm. 

That’s important. If you buy a typical brand of dog food, it’s generally made by a giant food conglomerate that gets the sources for its food from multiple places. You don’t know how the meat used for kibble was raised. You also get all kinds of ingredients that you don’t want, like chemical preservatives. 

Here at Acabonac Pet, we control the process from start to finish. We provide the beef for Acabonac Pet right here on our small, sustainable Long Island farm. Our goal is to create a dog food with a taste dogs will love and ingredients that give pet owners peace of mind.

We wouldn’t get involved with making dog food if we didn’t have control of the process. Here are some of the reasons why.

Grass-fed beef. We produce grass-fed beef on our Long Island farm. We don’t use antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones on our cattle. They roam freely on pastures near the ocean, eating local grasses and foliage. That makes for beef that is pure, clean and nutrient-dense for your dog.

Vegetables from the U.S. We source all vegetables from farms in the United States, picked to add further vitamins and minerals to Acabonac Pet per the recommendations of our pet nutritionist.

We consulted with experts. Part of having total control over our dog food includes the concept from the start - in other words, deciding what goes into our dog food, and what doesn’t. We consulted with veterinarians we respect to tell us what they would put into the perfect raw dog food, and then we created that. 

We control shopping. We send Acabonac Pet products directly to you. There’s no intervening processing or long periods stored in a warehouse. It’s made right here on the farm and then shipped directly to your home.

Here are some things we don’t have in our dog food: hormones, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers, grains, soy, chemical preservatives or coloring. RAWF is meant to not only satisfy your dog’s hunger, but also keep your four-legged family member healthy. 

You have many choices when you buy your dog food. At Acabonac Pet, we present a different, healthier  option. We’re locally made, and we control the process from start to finish. That makes for a difference that most dog food companies simply cannot offer.