How To Transition A Dog To Raw Food

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Most dogs transition to Acabonac Pet raw dog food very easily. If you’re looking for a handy guide to transition a dog to raw food here are some helpful tips:

1 - Treats first!

Introduce Acabonac Pet to your dog by offering a small amount as a treat or reward. Over the course of a few days, gradually increase the “treats” and monitor your dog’s poop to make sure that they are digesting it properly and do not have any digestive issues or diarrhea. Should your dog experience any digestive issues, decrease the amount, and offer it more slowly and at longer intervals.

2 - Replace a Meal

Once your dog has accepted the “treat” size portions of Acabonac Pet, it’s time to further transition your dog to raw food. Try replacing one of his meals with a full portion of Acabonac Pet, always monitoring his poop for any signs of digestive issues. We do not recommend that you combine Acabonac Pet with his dry kibble as the rates of digestion are very different and this may cause stomach discomfort and digestive problems.

3- Graduate to 100% Acabonac Pet 

Once you have replaced 1 full meal successfully with Acabonac Pet for several days, try to completely transition your dog to raw food by replacing your dog’s entire daily food intake with Acabonac Pet. Always monitor your dog’s poop as it is your best guide and adjust accordingly.

Puppies may transition to raw food much faster and may take more time for senior dogs. Remember, you know your dog best. Watch your dog’s cues and you will find the correct pace for him. 

And we are here to help you along the way; the Acabonac way.

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