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Is Raw Dog Food Grain-Free?

Almost all types of dog food contain some type of grain - except for raw dog food. With nothing but healthy meat, vegetables and fruit, Acabonac Pet contains only the things your dogs need and nothing they don’t.

That might seem like a new trend, considering the fact so many people now seek locally grown food that does not contain grain. But it’s not. It’s as old as the canines who descended from grey wolves. They were not roaming the forests of the world, hunting for grain to eat. 

Dogs are carnivores. While they’ve evolved, they still have a digestive system suited for raw dog food.

Why Dogs Prefer Grain-Free Food

In some ways, it helps to look at raw dog food the way we look at whole food diets for humans.; For years now, the trend among those who want to eat healthier is to eat a diet rich in non-processed foods. That includes eating 100% grass-fed, pasture-finished beef rather than beef from cattle who have been raised on grains.

Humans report health advantages to eating a grain-free diet that stays away from processed food. The same holds true for dogs. Eating the grains and other unnatural ingredients found in kibble can lead to health issues that include bloat, bad teeth and more.

Some companies that make dry dog food include cheap carbohydrates as filler, according to the American Kennel Club. Dogs do better with fresh, unprocessed food.

Human-Grade Food

It’s important to feed dogs high-grade raw food, such as what we put into Acabonac Pet. The meat comes from our very own cattle raised on Long Island that are never given antibiotics or growth-promoting steroids. Healthy meat as well as healthy vegetables and fruit give dogs the right combination of protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients. 

Most kibble includes grains because it is an inexpensive filler. It does not give your pet the full complement of nutrients that helps them achieve their best health.

Why Go Grain-Free?

In addition to knowing that raw dog food provides dogs a diet closer to what nature intended, grain-free food also leads to better results that you will notice.

Owners who switch their dogs to grain-free, raw dog food report their four-legged family members have more energy, a shinier coat, healthier skin, strong teeth, and a better digestive system (in other words, less poop to clean up). It may also provide some dogs relief from food allergies

It’s for these reasons that raw dog food is grain-free. It provides a healthy alternative for those who want to support their dog’s good health with a balanced, nutrient-rich diet.