The Best Raw Dog Food: Differences Between Acabonac Pet and Other Brands

Acabonac Farms |

What’s the best raw dog food? We at Acabonac Pet think it’s what we produce on our Long Island farm. Of course, we understand that consumers trying to make a buying decision need a little more than our assurances. We wanted to gather some of the factors that make Acabonac Pet different and put them all together in one place. Read on to see some of the reasons why we think Acabonac Pet is the best raw dog food for your beloved companion.

We Use Grass-Fed Beef

Most consumers now understand the benefits of grass-fed beef for people, but the same applies to dogs, as well. Acabonac Pet brand uses nutrient-dense, vitamin-rich beef from cattle raised on our farm on Long Island. Our cattle eat only grass and natural foliage. We never give them antibiotics or steroids. That alone differentiates use from other raw dog food brands. It also puts us light years ahead of the ingredients you get in dry dog food.

We’re Transparent Our Product

We didn’t just decide to put raw beef into dog food and that was that. We consulted with professionals to determine the right mix of pure beef, vegetables and fruit to maximize a dog’s health. Acabonac Pet contains ground beef, beef liver and beef hearts, combined with American-sourced vegetables and fruit that includes sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, applies and blueberries. We also provide you detailed nutritional information about what goes into every serving of Acabonac Pet.  

We Control the Process

A lot of companies talk about controlling their product, but the truth is they don’t oversee the process from end-to-end the way we do at Acabonac Pet. Everything is created, packaged and shipped from our farm. We don’t have to waste time worrying about the quality of the beef or other ingredients - we oversee it all ourselves.

Local and Hand-Crafted

Americans already had started a movement toward local farms before the trying events of 2020. Now, that movement has done nothing but increase. Our beef comes from Acabonac Farms on eastern Long Island - you can read all about it on the farm website. We make Acabonac Pet in small batches, with each meal individually wrapped. You don’t have to concern yourself about the food being shipped from far away or other ingredients sneaking in - we ensure that each batch of Acabonac Pet is high quality.

Made in the U.S.A.

Some companies play games with where the meat for their raw dog food comes from, taking advantage of rules that allow them to say “product of U.S.A” even if the beef is imported from other countries. But with Acabonac Pet all the beef comes from our farm and the vegetables and fruit are American-sourced. 

Rather than spend money on marketing gimmicks, we put our efforts into the quality of our dog food. We have spent years providing people nutrient-rich, grass-fed beef. Now, we have the same commitment to providing your dogs the best raw dog food available.