The Benefits of High Quality Protein in Your Raw Dog Food

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Proteins and the amino acids that build proteins are essential to normal body function for your dog. All dog foods contain protein, but for dog owners the question is more: How high quality is the protein my dog is getting?

With grass-fed beef, you’re getting the highest quality source of protein available for dogs. The nutrients in Acabonac Pet, including protein and vitamins and minerals, are highly bioavailable, meaning they are easily absorbed into your dog’s system. 

In short, the higher quality of the ingredients, the better the protein (and other nutrients.).

Why Your Dog Needs Protein

All dogs need protein, and plenty of it. Protein gives your dogs what they need to function properly. Protein produces amino acids, which in turn help dogs maintain healthy skin, hair, internal organs and their immune system. Protein also paves the way for strong muscle development.

Meat provides an excellent source of high-quality protein for dogs, especially the 100% grass-fed beef used by Acabonac Pet. The many bodily functions supported by a healthy intake of protein include:

  • Maintenance and repair of cells and body tissue
  • Support of the immune system
  • Production of hormones, antibodies and enzymes

Some kibble might report offering higher protein levels than some raw dog foods, however raw dog food contains much more moisture so the percentage number might be lower. That’s something to keep in mind if you start comparing percentages. Rest assured that Acabonac Pet, formulated by a leading animal nutritionist, has all the protein your dog needs.

Why Raw Beef Is Good For Your Dog

Nature made that warm, lovable friend of yours curled up on the end of the couch an omnivore. If required to do so, they can survive on food from either a plant or animal origin, just like humans. But nature designed dogs to eat meat with plenty of protein. Who are we to argue?

Dogs thrive when put on a meat diet in many different ways. Many of the dogs you see that are overweight and plagued by skin problems (flaky and itchy, for example) may very well be on a grain-based diet. It might be inexpensive, but dry dog food diets can cause many issues for your pet.

What Acabonac Pet Offers You

What can you expect from Acabonac Pet raw dog food? Acabonac Pet dog food contains ground beef, beef livers and beef hearts from our locally run farm on Long Island, Acabonac Farms. All our beef comes from grass-fed, pasture-finished cattle who we never give growth-promoting hormones or sub therapeutic antibiotics. 

In addition to plenty of protein, every serving of Acabonac Pet contains Omega 3’s, CLA, Beta Carotene, Vitamins E and B, among other  nutrients. It’s also lower in fat and calories and contains American-sourced fruits and vegetables.

This blend between healthy beef that provides plenty of protein and other nutrients, as well as vitamin-packed vegetables and fruit, makes our brand a healthy choice for your dog that takes out any worries about protein intake. .