The Truth About Pork Raw Dog Food

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Many of our customers are surprised to find that we not only offer raw pork dog food but encourage them to try it as well! Since the 80’s pork has developed a bit of a reputation in the United States. Health concerns like trichinosis have led to entire generations associating the safe consumption of pork with overcooked, dry pork chops. Thus, raw pork tends to elicit a kneejerk almost primal reaction in folks who grew up with dry leathery pork.  

It’s true, consuming raw or undercooked pork can increase the risk of exposure to the trichinella parasite that causes trichinosis. And while the prevalence of trichinella in the US food supply is quite low thanks to dedicated testing and safety measures (approximately 15 cases per year across the entire country), it’s not zero. Fortunately for us, and our dogs, there’s a simple step that kills these parasites rendering them harmless.

The Freezer To The Rescue!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, freezing raw pork less than 6 inches thick for three weeks kills any trichinella parasites that may be present. Fortunately for us, Acabonac Pet is a frozen food! From the moment we produce our food to the minute it arrives on your doorstep, our raw dog food is kept in a state of deep freeze killing off the trichinella parasite.

This does not, however, mean that your dog’s raw food is somehow sterile. You still need to treat their food as you would any raw meat.

  • Defrost your dog’s raw food overnight in the refrigerator
  • Only defrost what your dog will consume within a few short days
  • Keep your dog’s food cold in the refrigerator
  • Limit the amount of time your dog’s food sits out at mealtime
  • Feed from clean, non-porous bowls and wash with warm soapy water frequently
  • Wash your hands after mealtime

 Is Pork A Good Food For Dogs?

Absolutely! We love feeding Acabonac Pet pork patties to our dogs and encourage our friends and family to do the same! Not only is Acabonac Pet Pork a 100% complete meal for dogs, it’s a little higher in fat than our other recipes. That means it’s great for days when our pups are playing hard, or when the vet tells us we need them to put on a little extra weight.

Funny enough, because pork has a bit more fat to it – this is one of the best proteins for picky eaters, it just tastes better! Afterall, given the choice who wouldn’t want a bit of extra tasty fat with their meal?

It’s important for us to say at this point that even though our pork recipe has a bit of extra fat in it (4% more than our beef recipe), our raw pork dog food is still 100% complete and balanced. Your dog will not become obese eating exclusively pork. They will however love mealtime!