Why Your Dog Should Eat Grass-Fed Beef

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For people who shop for meat with their health in mind, the conversion to grass-fed beef has grown rapidly in recent years. The more people learn about the health benefits, the more interested they become in working grass-fed beef into the diet.

The same applies to dog owners. Research has shown that dogs benefit from nutrient-rich grass-fed beef just as humans do. In an era where people are waking up to the possibilities of changing their pets’ diet and moving away from mass-produced dog food, raw dog food sourced from grass-fed beef provides exactly what they need.

Comparisons With Grain-Fed Beef

In a side-by-side comparison offered by Dogs Naturally Magazine, the major differences between grain-fed and grass-fed beef quickly become apparent. They include the following.

Added Hormones

Grain-fed animals typically are given growth-promoting hormones to quickly increase their body mass. Grass-fed farms follow a natural path, feeding animals the grass and local foliage they evolved to eat. They never get hormones added to their diet. Meanwhile, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is just now starting a “voluntary” program for grain-fed farmers to phase out certain antibiotics that are harmful because they contribute to antibiotic resistance in both animals and the humans and dogs who eat them.


Cattle raised in large beef operations typically need antibiotics to combat harmful bacteria. For example, when cattle eat a high-calorie diet with a lot of grain, many end up developing abscesses in the liver, according to NPR. Antibiotics are needed to treat this issue and many others. That’s not the case with grass-fed animals who don’t require antibiotics.

Nutrients and Vitamins

Grass-fed raw dog food is nutrient dense, providing higher levels of important ingredients that include:

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as inflammatory and auto-immune disease
  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Helps lower risk of cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.
  • Beta Carotene. A nutrient the body readily converts to Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin E. Helps retain healthy vision, blood, brain and skin.
  • Vitamin A. Supports a healthy immune system, bone health, and may prevent certain types of cancer.

Grass-fed beef also is lower in total fat, which can lower the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.

Where Acabonac Pet Dog Food Gets Its Beef

For all the above reasons, Acabonac Pet Dog Food contains only grass-fed beef. What’s more, the beef comes from our own Long Island farm, Acabonac Farms. 

Having our own farm allows us to control the process from beginning to end. We know every Acabonac Pet meal comes packed with nothing but nutrient-dense, healthy food for dogs, because we know what goes into every meal. 

For dog owners, raw dog food sourced from grass-fed beef gives them a simple but powerful way to improve their dog’s health. The difference is typically noticeable not long after your dog makes the conversion to eating grass-fed beef. The results - a healthier coat, stronger teeth, more energy and a boosted immune system - will make both you and your four-legged friend happier.