Add Grass Fed Beef to Your Holiday Table with Our Christmas Beef Recipe Roundup

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Christmas dinner is a wonderful tradition that brings family and friends together around the table for a warm, lovingly prepared meal. With the spirit of the holidays in mind, we wanted to round up some of our favorite beef Christmas dinner ideas that would be make perfect use of Acabonac Farm’s locally raised grass finished beef.

Ground Beef Wellington via Taste of Home

We all know and love beef wellington, and it is an excellent celebratory meal. However for large holiday crowds beef wellington can turn into an expensive meal indeed. For a more budget friendly approach, Taste of Home has created a phenomenal take on beef wellington that uses much more affordable ground beef! When cooked with Acabonac Farms extra flavorful grass fed ground beef your family and friends will be in for a treat!

Osso Bucco (braised beef shanks) via The Kitchen Magpie

Osso Bucco is a showstopper! Not only is this affordable cut of meat delicious, it’s also less common than the typical roast, definitely a conversation starter! The Kitchen Magpie presents us with a simple, no-fail recipe that incorporates limited ingredients but maximum flavor. When served alongside creamy polenta or mashed potatoes Acabonac Farms grass fed osso bucco will have your guests talking. 

Braised Beef Short Ribs with Red Wine & Garlic via The Wicked Noodle

Much like osso bucco, beef short ribs are a less obvious choice for Christmas beef. Yet, the Wicked Noodle presents us with a perfect Christmas meat idea that can even be made ahead of time! Flavored with classical accompaniments like red wine and garlic, this comforting dish will quickly become a new holiday standard! Our own grass fed beef short ribs are the perfect base for this easy, make ahead, recipe.

Braised Oxtail via The Spruce Eats

Too often the Christmas beef conversation revolves around cuts like prime rib, when in fact there are so many more delicious and easier to prepare Christmas meat ideas that require less effort and expense - while delivering more flavor and comfort. Braised oxtail prepared with Acaboanc’s grass fed oxtail is one such dish. Long on flavor and short on effort, oxtail is even better when prepared the day before – freeing up precious kitchen space on the day of the big holiday meal.

Holiday Beef Brisket with Onions via Food & Wine

When looking for Christmas meat ideas, brisket should jump to the top of the list! This affordable and easy to prepare roast is loaded with flavor, easy to serve and makes a real impression on the holiday table. Like most of our other suggestions from this list, brisket is best when prepared 1-2 days in advance, making this tasty beef a win for both flavor and convenience! This recipe makes brisket extra indulgent with the inclusion of dried porcini mushrooms for extra flavor. When using Acabonac Farms grass fed brisket we recommend getting two or three to make sure you have enough!


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