Picking The Perfect Gift For Meat Lovers

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There is a world of BBQ and meat accessories out there. When it comes to gifts for meat lovers it can be tempting to giftwrap the latest basting tool or kitchen tchotchke and call it a day. While we love a shiny new toy, when it’s time to find gifts for the meat lovers in your life there is no better way to show them you care than by sending them delicious locally raised grass fed and finished beef from Acabonac Farms. Beef is after all what they love, why not give them what they really want?

Gift Collection vs A La Carte

When purchasing your beef gift it’s important to consider how well you know the person. Do you know they love grilling above all else? Then an la carte five pack of our succulent grass finished ribeye steaks might be perfect! A fan of nose to tail cooking? Then our popular grass finished beef liver might be just what they’re looking for! If you’re not sure what they like our gift collections provide a great cross section of all our tasty grass finished beef that will delight any beef lover. Expertly curated for everyone from busy families to steak loving gourmets, we have the perfect steak gift box for anyone on your list.

Buy Now Send Later

If you’re worried about the holiday crunch, there’s no need! At Acabonac Farms we make it easy to send out beef gifts for the holidays. No need to carefully plan when to place an order so that it arrives for Christmas – simply purchase early and leave us a note to deliver for the holiday! We’ll take care of getting your steak gift boxes to your recipients on time and you can cross one more thing off your holiday to-do list.

Keep The Gift Going with A CSA or Monthly Subscription

Why send one gift when you can send a gift every month! At Acabonac Farms it’s easy to keep the locally raised grass finished beef gifts going with our easy to create monthly subscriptions! With a subscription you can cancel any time and save nearly eight percent off retail price! Setting up a subscription is easy: simply select subscribe and save on the item you would like included and add to your shopping cart. Once you’ve added all the tasty items to your custom steak gift box simply proceed to check out. For an even easier subscription just select “subscribe and save” on any of our gift collections!

For our local customers we offer a Quarterly CSA subscription that allows you a chance to come visit the farm for pickup every month. Our CSA includes 10-12 pounds of our locally raised grass finished beef every month at about 20% off retail price! Each month your gift recipient will receive a rotating selection of the best our farm has to offer. Acabonac CSA memberships are not delivered and does require monthly pickups from our Middle Island farm, so if you’re considering this as a gift please remember that your recipient will need to do a bit of legwork.

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