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Pastured Leg Of Lamb

When it comes to making a statement at your next dinner party, a bone-in leg of lamb is the perfect choice. Our pasture-raised bone-in leg of lamb is not only impressive in appearance but also guarantees exceptional flavor and juiciness. In contrast to boneless leg of lamb, the presence of the bone enhances the taste and helps retain moisture during the cooking process, ensuring a succulent and tender roast that will wow your guests. 

Each Package of Pasture Raised Bone-In Leg Of Lamb is Approximately 80oz

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Cooking Tips for Bone-In Leg of Lamb

Roasted Leg of Lamb

  • Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Create a rub by combining butter, mustard, garlic, rosemary, and other aromatic herbs and spices of your choice.
  • Generously massage the lamb with the mixture, allowing the seasonings to infuse into the meat.
  • Truss the leg with cooking twine to maintain its shape during roasting.
  • Place the lamb in the oven and cook for approximately 20 minutes per pound, or until a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part reads an internal temperature of 135-140 degrees for medium-rare.
  • Remember, avoid overcooking to prevent the lamb from drying out and compromising its tenderness.

Smoked Leg of Lamb

Smoking adds a unique dimension of flavor and a touch of sophistication to your bone-in leg of lamb.

  • Begin by preparing the lamb as mentioned above, then fire up your grill or smoker to a temperature range of 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The low and slow smoking process allows the lamb to absorb the smoky essence gradually.
  • Smoke the leg of lamb for approximately 2-3 hours until it reaches an internal temperature of 135-140 degrees for medium-rare.
  • The result will be a crowd pleasing combination of tender meat and deep smokiness.

Leg of Lamb Recipe Ideas

Grilled Bone-In Leg of Lamb with Herb Marinade

  • Marinate the leg of lamb with a mixture of olive oil, garlic, lemon zest, and a medley of fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and mint.
  • Grill over medium-high heat, turning occasionally, until the internal temperature reaches 135-140 degrees for medium-rare.
  • Let it rest before carving.

Slow-Roasted Bone-In Leg of Lamb with Root Vegetables

Create a hearty and comforting dish by roasting the leg of lamb low and slow with an array of root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and parsnips. Season with aromatic spices, garlic, and rosemary, and allow the flavors to meld together during the gentle cooking process. The result will be a delectable one-pot meal that is sure to impress.

Nutritional Benefits of Bone-In Leg of Lamb

Bone-in leg of lamb provides a wealth of nutritional benefits. It is a rich source of high-quality protein, essential vitamins, and minerals that support overall health and well-being. This delectable cut offers vitamins B12, B6, and niacin, which are vital for energy production and nervous system function. It is also an excellent source of iron, zinc, and selenium, essential minerals that contribute to immune function, metabolism, and antioxidant defense.

About Our Lamb: Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

At Acabonac Farms, we prioritize regenerative ranching practices that nurture a mutually beneficial ecosystem among our animals. Our lambs graze on lush pastures alongside our cattle, chickens, and pigs, contributing to the vitality of the land and ensuring the highest quality meat. By choosing our pasture-raised bone-in leg of lamb, you not only indulge in exceptional flavor but also support sustainable agriculture.

Buy Bulk Pasture Raised Leg of Lamb

Acabonac Farms offers the opportunity to save on every order with our bulk packages of pasture-raised bone-in leg of lamb. Whether you are planning a festive gathering or simply want to stock up, our bulk options allow you to enjoy great savings. Additionally, sign up for a recurring order and unlock even more savings, ensuring a steady supply of premium bone-in leg of lamb all year long.

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