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Single ingredient jerky dogs go wild for! Made with one ingredient: grass finished beef!

Pastured Chicken Liver

Pasture raised chicken liver is a tasty, nutrient dense powerhouse. Loaded with protein, vitamin A, iron, trace minerals and B vitamins - chicken liver is like natures multivitamin! When you purchase raw chicken liver from Acabonac Farms you are ordering clean healthy organ meat from pasture raised chicken.

Each Package of Pasture Raised Chicken Liver is Approximately 16 oz

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Pack Size: 1 Pack ($12.50 per Pack)
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100% Grassfed Beef. Trusted, Convenient, Nutritious and Delicious

Beef liver vs. chicken liver:

The fact is both beef and chicken liver are nutritional powerhouses. Liver from chicken, however, has a milder taste and more creamy texture than beef liver. So, if you're looking to incorporate more organ meat into you or your families diets, chicken liver is a great place to start! Another benefit is size. Chicken livers are much smaller than beef liver, so there's less prep, less cutting and less cooking time! The next time you are planning a special pâté for your party, consider chicken liver for wide crowd appeal.

About our chicken:

At Acabonac Farms our chickens form a natural ecosystem alongside our other animals. They are cycled through our pastures along with cattle, lamb and pigs; with each animal lending their own special qualities to our regenerative ranching practice. 

Buy bulk pasture raised raw chicken liver:

At Acabonac Farms the more you buy, the more you save. With our bulk chicken liver packages you can save on every order, and sign up for a recurring order for even more savings!

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