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Pastured Lamb Heart

Lamb heart is a fantastic addition to any healthy diet. High in protein and vitamins, with a milder flavor than beef heart - this organ meat is easy to cook and delicious. 

Each Package of Pasture Raised Lamb Heart is Approximately 16oz

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Pack Size: 1 Pack ($18.00 per Pack)
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Lamb heart nutrition:

Lamb hearts are a nutrient dense powerhouse. Being both a muscle and organ meat, heart contains high levels of protein as well as the nutrition organ meats are known for. Specifically, lamb heart contains all 9 essential amino acids (making it a complete protein), high levels of B vitamins for increased energy, as well as a range of minerals important for healthy body functions. 

How to cook:

Lamb heart can be prepared just like beef heart though requires a small amount of preparation ahead of time. 

  • Begin by slicing any fat or sinue off the top of the heart.
  • Find the diagonal line on the outside of the heart and insert the knife into the heart from the top then carve along this line to create a flap. Remove this flap where it reattaches back to the heart. This is your first steak.
  • Next insert the knife into the cavity of the remaining heart muscle and cut down to make filet that lays flat. Trim and discard any tubes or vessels from the interior. This filet can be cut in half to form two smaller steaks.

Once you have your butchered lamb hearts you can prepare just as you would a beef heart. We recommend a 2 hour marinade of olive oil and spices of your choice. Followed by a quick grill or pan fry to cook (about 2 minutes per side). It is important to not overcook your lamb heart as this will lead to a tough texture. 

About our lamb:

At Acabonac Farms our lambs form a natural ecosystem alongside our other animals. They are cycled through our pastures along with cattle, chicken and pigs; with each animal lending their own special qualities to our regenerative ranching practice. 

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