Does Raw Dog Food Cause Bad Breath?

Mark Gronowski |

Is raw dog food causing your dog to develop bad breath? Chances are, just the opposite is true. Stinky breath is a problem with many different causes, but raw dog food isn’t one of them.

Why? Because raw dog food doesn’t contain the highly processed grain, wheat, rice, barley and potatoes you can find in various brands of dry kibble. It also doesn’t contain extra sugar like some treats do. All those ingredients can lead to bad dog breath. 

Truth is, raw dog food is actually very good for your dog’s teeth, which in turn is good for their breath. And that’s good for you when you want to give your dog a kiss and not get a smelly surprise.

What Causes Bad Breath in Dogs?

Look in the mirror, dog owner! If your dog’s breath is less than optimal (to put it nicely), the cause of that bad breath is likely connected to what you feed them. That’s especially the case if you feed them a diet high in processed carbs. That can lead to the very issues that cause doggie halitosis. Those factors, according to veterinarians, include:

  • Bacteria that leads to plaque
  • Buildup of tartar
  • Decomposing food retained within periodontal pockets

That covers most dogs. However, more serious issues could include persistent bleeding due to coagulation abnormalities or oral tumors that kill tissue in the mouth. In either of these cases, contact your veterinarian.

How Can You Combat Bad Breath in Dogs?

There are steps you can take to help combat your dog’s bad breath. 

1. Switch The Food

By converting to raw dog food, you give your beloved pet food that is healthier for their body, including their teeth.

For example, RAWF brand has nothing but natural ingredients, including grass-fed beef dog food from our Long Island farm and American-sourced fruits and vegetables. Grass-fed beef is good for dogs and much more nutrient-dense than conventional beef for dogs.

2. Add Some Bones

Acabonac Pet also offers fresh marrow bones for your dog that can help them keep their teeth clean. Many of them still have pieces of meat on them, making them even more enjoyable for your dog.

You might be wondering, are beef marrow bones safe for dogs? Yes! In fact, beef bones provide amino acids, the building blocks of protein that support a healthy gut and cut down on inflammation.

3. Brush Their Teeth

If you feed your dog raw dog food, it should drastically cut down on the number of times you need to brush their teeth. However, if bad breath is sometimes still an issue, consider doing some routine brushing twice a week as an extra measure.

4. Watch Out For Gross Stuff

There’s no getting around the fact that there are some gross reasons dogs get bad breath. For example, drinking from the toilet, so keep that lid down like Mom taught you. And keep an eye on anything a dog might eat that could cause bad breath, like poop, vomit, garbage, etc. It is what it is, and comes with the dog-owner territory.

What you don’t need to worry about is the myth that raw dog food leads to bad dog breath. It’s simply not true. In fact, it’s just the opposite.