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Is Raw Dog Food Better For My Dog’s Teeth?

Raw dog food made from healthy beef, vegetables and fruit is better for your dog in almost every way when compared to kibble, including dental health. While eating kibble can cause dogs to develop teeth problems over the years, raw dog food and meaty bones can keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy. 

If you’ve come to the Acabonac Pet site, you likely already know the benefits of feeding your dog raw food. A better coat condition, for one, as well as increased energy, smaller and firmer poop, a stronger immune and a reduced risk of allergies.

One of the benefits that sometimes “flies under the radar” is improved dental health.

Why Kibble Isn’t Good For Dog’s Teeth

Any food that comes from grain - something a dog was not evolved to eat - is more likely to stick to the teeth and cause dental problems down the road. Of course, most dog owners have a toothbrush from their vet. But that only is effective when used consistently, day after day, for the life of your dog. Few people are disciplined enough, or have the time, to brush their dog’s teeth every day.

Some brands of dry dog food claim to help clean your dog’s teeth, but the reverse is typically the case. It makes sense if you think about – that’s like expecting to clean your teeth with a bag of chips! One of the main issues is that processed dog food contains more starch, which leads to more formation of plaque between teeth. Dry dog food can also stick to your dog’s teeth for longer, leading to the buildup of tartar and plaque. 

In most cases, people still use dry or canned dog food simply because it’s easier. But what’s convenient for the owner is not necessarily what’s best for the dog. And with the ease of having raw dog food delivered to your door, convenience is no longer an issue.

Why Raw Dog Food Cleans Teeth

Raw meat contains enzymes that help to break down food, making it easier to digest and keeping food particles from sticking to and accumulating on teeth. That helps prevent the buildup of more tartar and the formations of plaque.

Acabonac Pet also offers pasture-finished marrow bones and pasture-finishedBeef Organs that can serve as an abrasive, scraping food particles from teeth. Beef bones also have amino acids that promote a healthy gut for your dog, as well as reduce inflammation.

Also, dogs evolved to eat meat. By mixing them with healthy vegetables and fruit, you are giving your pet something that works best with their bodies. Dry dog food or treats that contain sugar, fats and cereal grains are bad for your dog’s dental health (not to mention their overall health).

Your dog’s dental condition is as important as other aspects of their health. By combining natural, grass-fed raw dog food with meaty bones, you can help your beloved pet avoid the pain of dental issues and enjoy healthy teeth throughout their life.