5 Reasons Grass Fed Beef Liver Is Good for You

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It can be difficult to get excited about the nutritional content of food, flavor is by far the more attention-grabbing topic. But here at Acabonac Farms, we look at flavor and nutrition as two sides of the same coin; expertly raised cattle will produce more nutritious beef that in turn tastes better. If you're wondering where to buy grass fed beef liver, you've found the right place! For us it’s not taste or nutrition, rather nutrition leading to taste. This is how we produce the best grass fed beef liver. 

When it comes to organ meats flavor tends to be more concentrated. That’s why it is so important to purchase your organ meats, like liver, from a farm that raises their animals right. Plus understand how every step of husbandry impacts the final product. We're popular with people searching for ancestral grass fed beef liver for this very reason.

Speaking of liver, we can’t get enough of it! More than any other dietary source, beef liver is like natures multivitamin. There’s a reason our ancestors prized beef liver as one of the choicest cuts of meat. Long a part of ancient wholistic medicine, liver has regained popularity of recent time and for good reason! Move over quinoa, today we’re waxing poetic about the super food of cattle farming, grass finished beef liver.

Grass Finished Liver Is a Nutrient Dense Powerhouse

Pound for pound liver contains more vitamins and minerals packaged in a lean protein than almost any other piece of meat; with even more nutrition being found in grass finished liver! Aside from the well-known vitamins, grass fed liver also contains valuable nutrients like choline and folic acid. With a 4 oz portion containing a whopping 23 g of protein and only 4 g each of fat and carbohydrates; this lean and low carb meat is the perfect addition to a well-rounded diet. (Source)

Grass Fed Liver Contains More Active Vitamin A Than Grain Fed Liver

Vitamin A is typically not found in muscle meat, and plants provide provitamin A carotenoids such as beta-carotene that must be further converted into usable vitamin A within the body after consumption. When you eat liver, you are eating ‘active’ vitamin A – retinol. Retinol is immediately usable by the body and therefor the vitamin A you get from eating liver is immediately available for vision health, cellular growth as well as reproductive and immune system support. For the most vitamin A content for your nutritional dollar it’s best to stick with grass fed beef liver – proven to contain more beneficial vitamin A than conventionally raised grain fed beef liver. (source)

One Of the Best Dietary Sources of Vitamin D

Like vitamin A, vitamin D is scant in muscle meat – so the best source of this “sunshine vitamin” is organ meat like liver. Grass fed liver contains the more active form of vitamin D: D3. This vitamin is essential to your body’s ability to absorb calcium and is responsible for healthy bones and teeth. As vitamin D is synthesized within your body by sun exposure, levels can drop during winter months. Adding grass fed liver to your diet is an excellent way to naturally increase these levels. If you can't get enough sun, find where to buy grass fed beef liver near you.

Supports a Healthy Metabolism Via B Vitamins

Beef liver contains a whole variety of B vitamins including folate, choline and vitamin B12. B vitamins assist a variety of enzymes with their jobs: from unlocking energy from fat and carbohydrates to breaking down amino acids. They also assist with transporting oxygen and energy-rich nutrients throughout the body. Because of this, B vitamins are essential to a well-functioning metabolism and is often why they are considered “energy giving” vitamins.

Much like with vitamin A, pound for pound there are more B vitamins in grass fed liver than grain fed. In a 2007 and 2019 study it was found that vitamin B5 and B6 concentrations were 2-3 times higher in grass finished liver and niacin (B3) was found at a whopping 9 times concentration vs grain finished liver! (source)

Liver Contains More Iron Than Spinach

Sorry Popeye, for the biggest dietary iron punch liver is the food of choice. 100 g of liver contains 10 mg of iron vs 3 mg in spinach! Why is iron important? You need it to live! It’s an essential component used in the production of red blood cells, and without enough iron your body can’t make the amount of red blood cells you need to thrive. Because red blood cells are used to transport oxygen throughout your body, when there is a deficiency, you are likely to experience fatigue. Importantly when you turn to grass finished liver as an iron source, you’re eating something delicious! We already know that grass finished liver tastes better than grain fed, so you may as well enjoy eating your iron.

Incorporating Liver into Your Diet Is Easy!

Adding grass finished liver from Acabonac Farms into your diet does not necessarily mean a wholesale change to the way you eat. In fact, you only need to add a serving of liver a few times a week to your diet to gain its benefits! Because our livers are pre-trimmed and packaged in convenient 1 lb packages it’s easy to cook with and not be overwhelmed! Our liver can be grilled, fried, turned into a pâté or mousse, and for sensitive eaters can be mixed with ground beef without anyone the wiser. Truly, grass finished beef liver is an adaptable protein packed with nutrition that belongs in your weekly meal rotation.

Your Liver Source Matters

Making the choice to add liver to your diet is the first step, but not the last. Finding where to buy grass fed beef liver matters! At Acabonac Farms we put time, energy and love into the husbandry of all our cattle. Feeding them the way nature intended to produce tasty nutrient dense beef. And study after study has shown that we’re on to something! Grass fed beef liver that come from cattle like the ones we raise at Acabonac Farms contain more nutrition than conventional grain fed beef liver. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture these nutritional differences include: 43% more B12, 44% more B%, 72% more iron, 96% more thiamin and 459% more vitamin A.

If you're not sure if cooking liver is right for you, try our grass fed Paleo Grind. It contains a blend of grass fed beef, liver, heart and kidney. An easy way to incorporate additional organ meat into your diet!

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