Grass Fed Beef Liver Is the Best Source of Vitamin A

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Vitamin A is more than just a trendy skin treatment, it’s an essential nutrient! We need it for everything from eye health to immune support. Yet so many of us are not getting enough of this wonder vitamin. You may think that eating a few carrots is enough, but the reality is: vegetables are a poor source of bioavailable vitamin A.

When it comes to vitamin A consumption not just any food will do. Studies have shown that few things beat the grass-fed beef liver we produce at Acabonac Farms. In fact the grass fed beef liver we produce here at Acabonac Farms contains more vitamin A than its grain fed counterpart. (source)

Why Bioavailability Matters

If you’re unaware, vitamin A comes in two main forms: retinol and carotenoids. The big difference between these two forms is their bioavailability. Carotenoids (like the well-known beta-carotene) are often found in plants and when consumed must first be converted by your body to retinol before they can be used. Unfortunately, the conversion rate of carotenoids within the body is not efficient and in fact there are some genetic conditions that inhibit this conversion. For this reason, carotenoids are not the best source readily available vitamin A.

The enhanced levels of retinol found in grass fed beef liver, like the liver we produce at Acabonac, is often referred to as the “active” form of vitamin A. This is because retinol needs no conversion before it is biologically available. When consumed, retinol may be immediately used by the body for a whole host of functions. For this reason, retinol found in Acabonac Farms beef liver is considered to be the more useful version of vitamin A.

How Much Vitamin A Do You Need?

The rda (recommended daily allowance) of Vitamin A is 900 mcg for adult men and 700 mcg for adult women. Four ounces of grass finished liver contains 5,590 mcg of retinol, this is about six times your recommended daily intake! It’s important to note that vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, so unlike water-soluble B vitamins you will not excrete unused vitamin A via urine; rather it will be stored within your body. Because of this you only need to add a small amount of liver to your diet a couple times a week to get more than enough Vitamin A.  Even better, according to the USDA grass finished beef liver like the liver from Acabonac Farms contains 459% more vitamin A than liver from cattle raised in feedlots. So, if the flavor of liver is not your cup of tea, try grass fed! Acabonac Farms grass finished liver is milder in flavor than grain fed and packs more of a nutrition punch! i.e., more benefits with fewer bites!

How Does Your Body Use Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is 100% necessary for the healthy functioning of many systems in your body. It is necessary for healthy sight, forming the molecules responsible for color and low light vision. Vitamin A also contributes to the protection and health of your corneas. Additionally, vitamin A is essential to maintaining surface tissues like your skin, lungs, inner ear, intestines, and bladder. Your immune system also benefits from Vitamin A; supporting the production of T-cells necessary to fight off infection. Vitamin A is even important for reproductive health in both men and women!

Needless to say, vitamin A is an essential powerhouse responsible for the healthy functioning of many of your bodies systems. When you experience a vitamin A deficiency all these bodily functions begin to suffer. To give your body the tools it needs to provide you with vibrant health make sure your well-rounded diet includes grass finished beef liver from Acabonac Farms. Our liver tastes milder than grain fed and packs a bigger punch!  

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