Is Grass Fed Liver a Good Source of Iron?

Tony Patterson |

Now more than ever Americans are turning to pills for a quick fix when it comes to nutrient deficiencies in their diets. Rather than eating an orange we chew vitamin C tablets, rather than eating more fish we swallow an omega 3 supplement. Today we're looking into the benefits of grass fed beef liver and how it can help with our everyday health. The pill popping attitude has become so pervasive that we are now seeing boutique vitamin companies claiming to customize your daily multivitamin. 

How did we get like this? Our ancestors did not have multivitamins, and they certainly did not have boutique vitamin blends made for them. They relied on nutrient dense whole food and traditional cooking methods to provide a vitamin and mineral rich diet allowing them to thrive for thousands of years.  

While the busy world of today may make it difficult to eat like our ancestors, there are certain additions we can make to our diet that go a long way towards improving our nutrition. When looking at the nutrition dilemma through this lens it’s important we make smart choices to help us achieve our nutritional goals with minimum effort and at a price we can afford.

This is where grass finished beef liver from Acabonac Farms really shines, not only does it have a higher concentration of many vitamins and minerals compared to liver from cattle raised on grain, it also tastes better! Let’s face it, even with the benefits of grass fed beef liver, it can be an acquired taste, so the best way to add it to your diet is with the milder flavor of grass finished liver. Acabonac Farms grass finished liver is also pre-cleaned and sold in convenient 1 lb packages, meaning less prep work for you at dinner time!

Why is iron important for health?

There is a lot of discourse around iron being important for pregnancy health, and while true, sufficient iron intake is also important for everybody. Your body uses iron to make hemoglobin; the oxygen carrying molecule responsible for giving red blood cells their signature color. Without enough iron in your diet the result can be a condition called iron deficiency anemia. (Source)

Linked with pervasive fatigue, common effects of iron deficiency anemia include shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, pale skin, brittle nails, cold hands and feet, tongue inflammation and headaches. It goes without saying that this laundry list of symptoms can take a toll on the quality of a person’s life. At a time when burnout and fatigue are at an all-time high, it’s important to evaluate diets and see if we’re consuming everything we need to lead our best lives. The good news is that iron deficiency anemia is relatively simple to fix, and with a simple change in diet you can elevate your iron levels without artificial supplementation.

How Much Iron Is in Liver?

The amount of daily iron intake you need varies depending on age and sex, typically between 10 and 18 mg per day. (Source)  Fortunately grass finished beef liver from Acabonac Farms is fortified with more than enough! According to the USDA, beef liver contains 20 mg of iron per every 4 ounces. So, depending on your sex and age you are able to get enough iron through a few bites of delicious pâté or a small serving of tasty fried liver every day.

Finding The Liver That’s Right For You

It’s important to buy organ meat from sources you can trust. At Acabonac Farms we raise our cattle right here on Long Island. You can even give us a call to schedule a pasture tour!

Our cattle eat a diet of 100% grass and local forage, no grains – ever. This natural diet results in liver that is milder and more nutritious than grain fed. In fact, the USDA has studied the nutrient density of grass finished beef and found it superior in almost every way to grain finished! Beyond nutrition and flavor, grass finished liver from Acabonac Farms doesn’t come loaded with the pesticides, artificial hormones and subtherapeutic antibiotics of liver from cattle raised in conventional feedlots.

So, when purchasing grass finished beef liver near you make sure it fits your lifestyle! At Acabonac Farms our liver packs more nutrition than the liver you find at the grocery store in easy to use pre-cleaned and portioned packages.

Eating liver is not for everyone, that's ok! Try our grass fed Paleo Grind. It contains a blend of grass fed beef, liver, heart and kidney. An easy way to incorporate additional organ meat into your diet!

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